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The beast by Eric Hertsens:

Terms that come to mind while thinking about the beast are:

Low aspect ratio, park and ride, grunt, quick re-launch, bomb proof. Its history has showed it to be the favorite kite for professional use. Many schools use it for teaching and rental and commend its durability and ease of use. This kite has been dragged through shore break, slammed into trees and crashed into the beach like no other. The Beast is our 4×4 work horse, not the fastest, but a kite that will go anywhere with ease and have most aspiring riders quickly exited.

What size to choose…

The Beast is powerful for its size, has 75% de-power and can absorb 10 knots gusts with ease. For a 70-75 kg rider a 12 will get him going in 8 to 10 knots and he will max out around 22 knots. This kite is perfect for the heavy weights to a 90+kg rider will enjoy a 12m from 12 knots on and will keep it to 25 knots. Lighter person just select smaller sizes for the above conditions…

A grunty low aspect ratio third generation Hybrid kite built under the BOW license and oriented to the intermediate rider. Perfect for lighter wind, and with controlled power, easy to handle and fly, but it can be Vicious when you want it! It has a bomb-proof build, reinforced where it is needed. Nothing was left to chance here, and we are confident you will be able to fly this kite for many years. All-around great kite for just about any rider-level, stable and comfortable!

Why is Morph using THE BEAST V3 BY EH?

This is a very reliable kite, lots of people ask me why I choose this kite?

Well, I have always been stoked with EH kites, always used his High Performance Kites, never really paid attention to the beast, untill last year, that I had them for the school, and instead of pumping my kite up to go after the lesson, I used to take the school kites……anyway, I choose this kite, because in our beaches, I am one of the first kiters, and almost everybody has been thought by us here, and this people always come back to our beach to kite with us, you have to understand, that every single one of this independents, are always asking, questions, asking for help, etc…so I need a kite that I can give to this people and I can go do my stuff with out me being worried about…the kite relaunches by itself, has enough power to easily get you off the water, easy to learn how to jump, easy to learn how to kite, and also a great kite to keep and continue progressing, and even keep it once you are on a very high level!!!

Bottom line, this is a HEADACHE proof kite, the Beast is a kite that makes us better Instructors, it flies really easy, delivers enough power when needed, but at the same time it de-powers instantly, makes the water start really easy as well, and when the kite falls in the water, it basically relaunches on it´s own, and yet as the student is progressing, this kite is also good to keep once the level of the rider is improving, in few words an All round kite for everybody!

David Furchtgott

BEAST MORPH V3 Review by David
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